MTP has a culture of best practices supported by an excellent team of certified engineers and superior level staff. We take pride in equipping our engineers and staff. Our dedicated sales and pre-sales staff receive yearly accreditation to enrich their notable expertise and knowledge, whereas our well-qualified engineers are regularly trained both locally and globally to receive distinct certifications in various fields of our work.

We believe in our strong team of certified engineers and after-sales staff to support our customers with our products. Our teams provide superior level of service and dedication which adheres to our company motto — Providing only the best for our clients and customers. True to our mission and values throughout the years, the loyal staff members of MTP are positively motivated; we enable and equip our engineers and staff with clear direction, common goals, and training in order to sustain output, products, performance, and services. Through cumulative loyalty and commitment, our committed staff enjoy a wide-range of opportunities to attest to this; ensuring the strong drive and dedication for MTP. We are here to play a significant, devoted role as Indonesia’s leading consultancy and integrator IT solutions and infrastructure.

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