Dell PowerEdge Series

Powered by Intel based server solutions to deliver unmatched performance with greater flexibility, featuring next-generation Flash storage and double the storage throughput, latest processors with more cores and up to 15 percent greater memory bandwidth, and flexible local storage with increased densities, capacities and performance options.


Fujitsu PrimeQuest Series

With innovative fault immune system architecture for highest availability and business continuity, combine the efficiency of an Intel Xeon x86-architecture with the reliability levels rivaling that of a UNIX/mainframe architecture, ideal for processing big data, in-memory solutions such as SAP HANA and business intelligence applications.


Fujitsu Primergy Series

Provide the most powerful and flexible data center solutions for companies of all sizes, across all industries and for any type of workload that includes expandable Intel based tower servers for remote and branch offices, versatile rack-mount servers, compact and scalable blade systems, as well as density-optimized scale-out servers.


Fujitsu SPARC M10 Series

Using the latest SPARC64 processor merge numerous hardware and software technologies to provide customers with the most appropriate solution for their ever-growing IT infrastructure, boost the efficiency and performance of mission-critical applications and databases without breaking IT budgets.


Oracle SPARC Series

Engineered to meet cyber threats head on, SPARC systems offer end-to-end data protection when need it most, scale-out to scale-up systems, the best for Oracle Database and Java applications and provide the greatest value for enterprise computing.