Storage Solution in Telco

We deliver end to end enterprise storages for critical business applications, reporting, and analytics workloads. These projects include performance and capacity planning, architecture and topology design, installation, implementation, and maintenance.

Products & services delivered: EMC VMAX, EMC VNX, EMC Data Domain, EMC XtremIO, EMC Vplex, and EMC Connectrix including installation and implementation.


Business Continuity in Telco

We provide software, licenses, and managed services for backup. This project involves in installation, implementation, and daily backup/restore operations. We also provide and implement infrastructure clustering for High Availability system.

Products & services delivered: Veritas NetBackup and Veritas Info Scale including installation, implementation, and managed service for daily backup/restore operations.


Data Migration in Telco

We implement data migration services from EOSL infrastructures to a new ecosystem. Using diverse tools and experienced engineers with tight schedule, we successfully migrate all 180 TB data from/ to various sources and targets.

Tools used: VMWare Storage vMotion, Open Migrator, Veritas Enterprise Administrator.


Storage Solution in Financial Service

Installation and implementation of storages in both DC and DRC with data replication system enabled.

Products & services delivered: EMC CX, EMC VNX, EMC MirrorView, including installation, implementation, and maintenance services.


Business Continuity in Financial Service

Deliver, implement, and maintenance deduplication enabled disk backup system for tier 2 applications.

Products & services delivered: EMC Data Domain including installation, implementation, and maintenance.


Copy Data in Financial Service

Implementation of Actifio as copy data management between two data center that swing every 6 months. The project covering design, installation, implementation, annual maintenance, and also managed service for daily copy data operations.

Products & services delivered: Actifio gateways including installation, implementation, and managed service for copy data management.


Virtualization in Financial service

We implement VMware vSphere consolidation for virtual IT environment. The project includes total 28 ESXi hosts, 2 vCenter servers, and P2V services for 100 servers converted to virtual machine.

Products & services delivered: VMware vSphere including installation, implementation, and P2V service.


Virtualization in Food & Beverage

The company move its’s infrastructure into virtualization using VMware products. It also implement VMware replication from DC to DRC, backup & restore solution, and storage consolidation.

Products & services delivered: Veritas BackupExec, EMC VNX, and VMware including installation, implementation, and P2V service.


Business Continuity in Oil & Gas

Maintenance backup systems in 5 data centers.

Products & services delivered: EMC Networker, including maintenance service