Established by brilliant minds, and over 30 years’ experience in IT and software, MTP is committed to achieve the highest standards of IT service delivery. MTP began as early as the 90s as a precursor entity which lead to the premier IT infrastructure distributor it is today. Our company was founded by individuals of high-caliber skills in IT infrastructure and experience in major bank computing, IT storage and network.

We established the company with the common vision to be a leading provider of enterprise solutions that brings modernized infrastructure to IT businesses in Indonesia.

Over the next two decades, the founders have successfully transformed MTP into a growing leader of enterprise storage solution provider for the high demands of Indonesia as a land of rich opportunities with a dynamic, emerging economy.

MTP defines itself by the high-end principals and products—a vast range of servers, storages, networks, virtualization, data center, and cloud services. We’re committed to provide the best of IT infrastructure.